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Residential Wood

Our residential wood fence line consists of four different fence boards:

Stockade Fence Panel

Stockade fences are the least expensive of wood privacy fences. Our stockade panels are prefabricated, is 3/4" thick, and made of natural spruce pickets. Typical fence life expectancy is 12 years.


They are the most economical when it comes to privacy fencing. Southern pine, rough-sawn finish, "green-treated" wood that is not kiln-dried before pressure treatment process, which allows chemical penetration into the wood but not as deep as smooth-treated wood. Life expectancy of rough-sawn-treated wood is more than 20 years.

Rough-Sawn Cedar

Considered to be a premium wood product, is 3/4" thick, rustic, and rough-sawn western red cedar boards. Color of boards ranges from whites, reds, light browns to dark browns. Life expectancy is more than 20 years.

Smooth-Treated, S4S

Considered as a premium wood product, is 3/4" thick, southern pine, cut, kiln-dried, milled smooth, and pressure-treated. Manufacturer warrants treated product from termite infestation and fungal decay. Life expectancy is 30 years.

Note: As of January 1, 2004, Shannon Fence Co. as well as all of its suppliers, is supplying treated lumber with Alkaline Copper Quaternary or ACQ treatment process. We are conforming to the federal mandate which eliminated Chromated Copper Arsenate (ACC)-treated wood from the residential market. 

We also offer weather sealing, staining, and painting options for your wood fence. Applying a weather sealer, with ultravioler (UV) protectant to your new fence will help prevent the aging process, thus adding years of life to your fence and helping to maintain your fences original appearance. See the weather seal picture in our photo gallery page to see the difference a weather sealer can make. If you are looking for a specific color, then staining or painting your fence would be your best option.